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The Great Fall of China

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In the previous post, the video covered how the depreciation of Yuan will impact the economies around the world

This video:  touches on the slowdown of the Chinese economy. After the Equities lecture last week, Sumesh showed us pictures of ‘ghost cities’ in China – rows and rows of tall apartments standing empty.

China is a major buyer of Africa’s commodities and there is a concern to how much this will impact (and has impacted) the African economy. The lower demand in commodities like iron ore, copper and platinum has already been reflected in the declining prices for some time. And the resources sector in South Africa has been tasked with a bigger challenge because of the labour disputes and electricity shortage. As Angeliki mentioned in the earlier post, the analyst in the video also comments on the structural reforms are taking in the leadership of the government.


One thought on “The Great Fall of China

  1. Quick article on yesterday’s events, linking back once again to the devaluation of the Yuan.

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