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SA’s best and worst Unit Trusts of 2014

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Investing in Collective schemes is a great way to add diversity into your portfolio. Along with diversification, Collective schemes offer numerous advantages to investors with little expertise and capital. With so many open-ended and close ended schemes out there, it can be quite daunting to decide what scheme to invest in. The following article discusses the top performing SA Unit Trusts of 2014 and ranks them according to return. The ABSA Property Equity fund was the highest ranked fund in the domestic real estate category, achieving a 1 year return of 39.67%. Among the worst ranked Unit Trusts were Momentum’s Value and Resources funds, achieving a return of -15.91% and -15.85% respectively. I hope that this sheds some light on the better Unit Trusts in South Africa and, at least, serves as a starting point when considering investment in such schemes. Have a look at the following article to see the full rankings and obtain a bit of background.


One thought on “SA’s best and worst Unit Trusts of 2014

  1. At the other end of the scale, it is not surprising that three of the five worst-performing unit trusts of the last year were commodity funds. Local resource counters had a terrible year, and it is to be expected that funds in this sector would struggle.

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