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Burning Man Insurance

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Obviously, this is of much interest for me 🙂 A US company is now offering insurance for Burning Man participants.

I’ve scanned the application form and FAQ. My favourite bits:

“Pyrotechnics and Fireworks are not the same as Propane Flame Effect. Bodily injury and property damage resulting from Pyrotechnics and Fireworks is excluded. There is NO EXCLUSION for bodily injury or property damage resulting from Propane Flame Effects! Just be careful out there!”

“Number of Years attending Burning Man” seems to be used as a rating factor. Fabulous! Presumably, if you’ve been driving a modified vehicle under the influence while using a Propane Flame Effect, getting lots of practice at it (and surviving thus far) is a great rating factor 🙂

Otherwise, remarkably few questions. I think it’s to avoid scaring the underwriters.





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