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Medical Schemes “dictate” healthcare choices

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A common claim is that medical schemes dictate to the policyholders certain health decisions and often limits them in attaining certain healthcare services. The obvious argument in favour of these policies is that these measures are in place to prevent the growing medical fraud that takes place, but actuaries are challenged to create a new, more practical method of achieving this.

See the article by clicking on the link below:


One thought on “Medical Schemes “dictate” healthcare choices

  1. Hi Ismaeel, I think the debate is valid but the article you linked is just letters from members, which is not ideal – let’s see if you can find us something more researched and balanced on the topic. I would like to know why medical aids are getting prescriptive to hospitals – again, both from the point of view of the medical aid, but also from the point of view of the best interests of the patients?

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