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Medical aids ‘dictate’ treatment to doctors


Hi guys

So I just came across this article from a few weeks ago that I found quite interesting, the link:

The article basically speaks about something we all kind of knew but never took the time to thoroughly think through. It’s interesting to see that the submission to the Competition Commission came from doctors themselves instead of patients who are ultimately suffering. The collusion allegations are very juicy. I’m sure as the story develops and the Competition Commission releases their findings, it will only get more spicy.



2 thoughts on “Medical aids ‘dictate’ treatment to doctors

  1. It’s quite really bad,because patients don’t really get the treatment which they deserve.

  2. OK, so that’s the one side of the story – Medical Aids are forcing doctors to prescribe sub-optimal treatment!

    Can you think of whether there may be genuine inappropriate behaviour by doctors that is causing the medical schemes to do this?

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