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Medical aid contributions for 2015 compared

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Hi there once again 🙂

So another article with the focus on medical aid contributions for 2015, the link:

When faced with higher premiums, the selfish and intuitive thing to do is to jump ship but this article does a job of educating one on what to take into consideration before making such a drastic move. Switching might very well mean losing some beneficial benefits :), one of those quality versus quantity decision problems.

Whether this actually justifies the large medical aid fees people are paying is however a whole other story which I can hopefully find a piece on and we can have a go at it.



One thought on “Medical aid contributions for 2015 compared

  1. What kind of questions do we need to ask ourselves here in order to explore whether the increases are justified? Think about what goes into a premium calculation. If a scheme has lower premiums than another, or lower increases than another, what could this be an indication of?

    Think about the SA medical aid industry as a whole: what do you think is driving the high inflation and high costs? If you had regulatory powers, how could you fix the problem?

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