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Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Policy

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Hi everyone

A bit off-topic from the Assets section we’re doing this semester, but I found this very interesting and had to share.

A Hollard Insurance funeral policy is branded by Kaizer Chiefs.

In addition to funeral costs the policy includes Vehicle Access benefits, a Groceries benefit and a Memorial benefit.

It’s quite baffling to see the innovation and creation of this new distribution channel. By using  a soccer team as the face of the product one certainly reaches far wider than boring ads in magazines and day-time infomercials.

To those who went to the TTLG event, I think this is exactly what Takalani meant when he spoke about “thinking differently”.



One thought on “Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Policy

  1. It’s an interesting product – a lot of bells and whistles and actually quite a high level of cover, this is not aimed at the low income market, more mid-income stuff. Using the name and appeal of a sports team could work to make insurance products more desirable… I remember reading an issue of a comic about football (it’s called supa strikas, I looked it up) in which heavily branded footballers kept eating KFC and convincing each other to buy OM retirement annuities … All while having whacky adventures. 🙂

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