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Wimbledon debentures


Very interesting read. You can buy a Wimbledon debenture which effectively secures you a seat at Wimbledon for five years.



3 thoughts on “Wimbledon debentures

  1. Very interesting – people are effectively prepared to pay a fortune for the option to get access to the next issue! Is this a worthwhile investment in itself, or do you think only tennis fans would be interested in these?

    • If you are not interested in tennis at all, you can sell your seat for the two week tournament for a staggering £23,150 (see article). If you do this for five years, you have more than covered the cost and made a good return.

      There are plenty of other debentures issued by various sports stadia. Unlike the Wimbledon debenture, Hampshire Cricket Club, for example, pay a 6% coupon.

  2. Yes, but in order to evaluate the return to the non-rabid non-sports fan, we would need to consider how much the debentures are selling for right now (£90,000?)

    I concede that I don’t understand “Wimbledon”, “tickets” or “sports” particularly well though;) so I may be getting this wrong 🙂

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