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Is Buying a Home Worth It?

This article is aimed at getting you thinking about property investment ahead of the investments section of the course next semester. Property is my personal favourite asset class (if you have to invest your money it might as well be in something tangible that you can make pretty!). I happen to think that buying a home is an investment purely because of the discipline associated with paying off the mortgage. Other investments always present the possibility of cashing in, or stopping contributions, when times are tough. The emotional connection to your home reduces the incentive to disinvest – an essential element for long term investing. Your thoughts?



Why the Financial Services Industry Is Showing More Women in Its Ads

This is a very US-centric story, but it is interesting to think about the same ideas in the South African context. I watch very little television but when I do I am struck by how much of television advertising is targeted at women (especially things like food and cleaning products!) – clearly the assumption for consumables is that women do the shopping. The question is whether women also make the financial decisions on behalf of their families. Next time you see financial services advertising think about who the ad is being targeted at…